Something about us

We love to listen

Oh, hello there!  Welcome to BigBarn Mix.  Perhaps you have seen our work?  Actually, you would have heard it, really…after all, we do audio post mixing, not video.  BUT!  Im sure you have seen AND heard the spots that we have mixed.

Now, with the semantics out of the way, do you watch USA?  Cooking Channel?  Food Network, A&E?  TBS?  How about IFC or Cloo Tv?  No?  Do you even have a tv?  Maybe you are a book and outdoors-y type person then…well, good for you.  Anyhow, we mix TV…commercials and promos.  That’s our gig.

Most of the time, we get audio thats in great shape, however, since “most” can technically mean 51% of the time, the other 49% of the time comes from the set, location, and other “wild” non-comfy-studio sources.  So we are love repairing, matching, re-recoding, restoring, and syncing and making your bites sound perfect, regardless of where they were recorded!

Sound design and SFX are the most fun part of our job, and we love to have fun, so if you want us to have fun, let us do your sound design.  Music editing and composition are also the most fun part of our job, so if you want us really to have a blast…well, then…you know…music and sfx.  More fun than an oversized bouncy castle.

We understand TV.  We do tight deadlines.  We do overnights.  We do lockouts and daily holds.  Lemme guess, its Friday, 4:00, and you have a :60 that needs to air in a few hours, but you just fixed the picture and your original mix facility is no longer available because its Friday…Give us a buzz.  We get calls all the time with this situation, and we always deliver ahead of schedule, and with perfect, ear tickling results.

Its true, we do overnights as well.  Picture, graphics and edits change all the time, but deadlines always stay the same, am I right???  If you get approvals at 5:30pm, and need a mix by 10:00 am, call us, we love working at night.

SFX, Music, Composition, Audio cleaning and restoration, VO tracking via ISDN, whatever you need.    We mix both in supervised and unsupervised settings.  If you are a producer that loves to be in the mix, then come on down.  If you are a producer that would rather have us work on a mix, and send the finished product over the web, then we got that too.  Actually, 90% of our work is now done remotely, saving you time, money, and the need to sit in traffic.  Put your feet up and relax, we got this.